Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Talk about Falling.....

Yes, talk about falling off the face of the earth....  I think I've become the queen of that.  

So let me give you the brief cliffnotes addition: 'A' is back with her family.  Ray is potty trained (Yay!!!) We had a wonderful time in Ventura for thanksgiving.  Santa spoiled the kids for Christmas.  And today my little Ry turns 2.

If you're able to read between the lines, there has been alot of living life in there.  

I was reading back, and realized that I make a lot of hopeful promises, i.e: "I swear I'm back!"  So instead of doing that, I'm gonna be real. I'm gonna TRY to get back into blogging.  I'm turning over a new leaf and joining some Momma groups (cross your fingers).  I've been pretty good about keeping on a workout regimen (double cross your fingers).  And I think the blog MIGHT find a new facelift for the new year.  I would love to commit to more, but who doesn't have commitment issues?  (Everyone snicker)