Monday, February 28, 2011

022811: Awww, paradise.....

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up around 6am, stretch and yawn, take a sip of your coffee, look up and its 9pm?  Well for me it was one of those days.  

Ray graced me with his presence around 6:10am.  His vocabulary is getting really great, so he greeted me with "Goo Morning, Mama".  Then around 7:45am, 'A' woke up and to my satisfaction said that she slept well.  Then at 8:00 on the dot, I heard Ry giggling in her crib.  And I've been going ever since.  

I am thoroughly exhausted.  We had french toast for breakfast.  We did errands in the afternoon.  Had a full day of play.  Came home and had dinner, so everyone has full bellies.  Everyone is bathed.  Ray & Ry are already in bed.  'A' is about to chillax.  So I feel pretty good that the kiddos are taken care of.

As for my house, it looks like a tornado has come and gone.  And right after the tornado left, a hurricane decided to show up and leave his mark on my hair and face.  I don't know how moms do it with 3 kids and have a showroom ready home and have their nails done and hair did :-).  I know that this is only the first day of this adventure, but for reals?!?!?

Anyhoo,  again I am thoroughly exhausted.  But what do you expect when you're in paradise?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

022711: 'F' words

I'm quite excited, because this week we have a special guest in our home.  Her name is Anabelle!.  She is 10 years old and is a really cool girl.  She really likes Ray & Ry, and they love her.

So although I'm always around my kids and, technically, have always been around kids cause of little cousins, nieces and nephews, and the kids my family use to babysit.  I guess I'm a little bit rusty.  Allow me to elaborate....

Once 'A' got here, we decided to take the whole fam to the grocery store.  'A' and I were walking down an aisle and I saw pita chips and said to 'A', "Have you ever had these?  They are fantastic!  Absolutely phenomenal."  Which her reply to me was, "No I haven't.  You really like 'F' words, huh?"  It threw me off, cause I immediately began to think, 'Gee, did one slip?   I could've swore my language was way PG.'  Then she said, "Like 'fantastic', 'fabulous', 'phenomenal (it makes the 'f' sound)'."  I literally laughed out loud.  And am still laughing out loud.  Well at least smiling really big. 

Honestly, I really never took notice.  I mean I do have a fondness (another 'F' word) for fancy words.  But I was never called out on it.  Especially by a 10 year old!!!!

Before I started blogging I explained to 'A' how that moment put a huge smile on my face and made my day.  She looked at me with a polite smile because she didn't find the humor in it.  So I explained to her that adults just talk and sometimes people may call you out on your favorite phrases or words.  But it is very, very rare.  And if they do, its cause they are sick of hearing it.  But kids are still brutally (in a good way) honest, and usually what comes to their mind they say right then and there. 

Like I said, it totally made my day.  We have fun plans for this week.  Including planning a birthday party for Ry now that we're all well.  I hope all of your weekends have been as Fantastically Fabulous and Phenomenal as mine has been :-p

Saturday, February 26, 2011

022611: You know you are a blog-aholic when....

K, so you know you are a blog-aholic when.... you find a new blog or site and instantaneously cannot click on the follow button fast enough.  Yes, people... once again I find myself in this category.

So I found 2 new blogs.  The first is and the second is  

Xoelle, I love because she gives a little guide as towards how to dress your little man with pizazz.  And lets face it, boys always have the same clothes.  Which isn't entirely a bad thing.  But I feel guilty, cause when I'm thinking of super cute and darling things to put Ry in, Ray gets jeans and a t-shirt.  And although I believe the true definition of a boy is a noise with dirt on it (j/k, kinda), I want to be able to dress him creatively without him saving that memory to one day tell his therapist.

And IKEAhackers...... I mean, common.  It had me at IKEA.  This site is awesome!!!!  And all of you should become fans.  It is a site that posts peoples pics of how they have flipped their IKEA furniture to make it look one of a kind, in a good way.  Its like 'Pimp My Ride' for furniture.

Anyhow, once again proving that the blog-aholism has taken over.

But moving on, today was the kiddos' cousin, Malina's, 5th bday.  It was held at one of those bouncehouse warehouses.  So of course, my camera went in tow and here are my pics of the day:

So as my "plan" for my blog evolves, I think I'm going to make Saturdays my "Pic of the Day" day.  Just to recap: I have 2 days with plans.  Wednesday: TV day and Saturday: Pic of the Day.  (planned events subject to change, maybe)

Hope everyones weekend is off to a great start!  

Friday, February 25, 2011

022511: Rain, rain go away...

On the news they have been prepping us for a massive storm to come through.  Apparently it started all the way in Washington or Oregon, and its been heading south.  Now ordinarily I don't completely believe the weatherman/woman.  Its not that they're intentionally lying, but I think that its always a 50/50 chance with what comes out of their mouths.  Okay, more like 60/40.  Anyhoo, this time they are entirely right, with the exception of the snow thing.  (Yes, they said that it might snow, here, in Roseville, CA.)  It is raining Hefelumps and Woozles.  And the kids and I are confined to the house.  But we are managing to have fun.

This morning the kids woke up around 6:45.  They immediately wanted to eat.  So we had breakfast.  Then we played with blocks and dinosaurs.  Ry went down again at 7:30 (like a true princess, she likes her sleep).  So then Ray and I worked on his toy car.  8:30 rolls around and Ry's up again, and they're hungry again.  (I swear, from meal to snacktime, my kids act like I never feed them.  And I feel like we are always eating.  Go figure.)  Anyhow more play is involved, and we'll do it all over again throughout the day.  Its like washing your hair: lather, rinse, repeat.  I guess that makes it sound like I don't enjoy it.  But truthfully, playing with them is a whole lot of fun.  And mostly because I barely say boo to them, and both of them will laugh hysterically as if they are hearing the funniest joke of their little lifetimes.

In the midst of all this rainy day fun, I have managed to finish a few projects.  Allow me to share with you the 'Savanah Smiles' quilt and a 'Bundle for Baby' project.

Let me first give you a little bit of background.  Savanah Rose is my close friend's daughter.  I've known them since Savanah Rose was in 5th grade.  Maybe 6th.  I can't remember specifically, but I've seen Savanah grow up into a lady.  And this young lady turned 17 on Feb. 19th.  So for her birthday, her and her mom, asked if I would make a quilt for her bed.  It was an offer I could not refuse.  But there was a catch, Savanah's bed is a twin size bed.  Now although that does not seem like a daunting size, I had never made this large of a blanket before.  But I excepted the challenge eagerly, learned some new techniques along the way, and Voila!  The 'Savanah's Smile' quilt emerged.

On to 'Bundle for Baby' project.  The same Savanah is in choir at one of the local high schools.  Last weekend they had a huge auction for their choir, and I believe it was also for competing choir classes from other schools.  Anyhow, to raise money they were auctioning off numerous items.  And Savanah and Tas (her mom) asked if I would create a little bundle package.  Of course, I said I'd be happy to.  

So I let Savanah choose from my inventory of quilts, she hearted the 'Pears and Apples' quilt, and I created a matching set.  In the set there was: 1 regular sized baby quilt, 1 swaddler, 1 bib and 2 diaper/burp cloths.  All in all I love how the bundle turned out.

So with all that being said, on to my next rainy day activity.  Since the kiddos are sleeping, I am going create "soft" balls so that we can play baseball inside.  I know, it sounds crazy, but of course I'll show you how its done. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

022411: Bear with me

Be prepared to see my blog go through some cosmetic changes.  All the blogs I follow have these really nice, cutesie backgrounds and headers.  And naturally, as the new kid on the block, I want one too.  

I found a website: that has super duper cute backgrounds/ headers for free.  So I tried to upload one and it kinda worked, but not completely.  Errrrrr.  I am a little irritated cause my non-techy-ness, which I feel I do a pretty good job of keeping under the radar, is totally being put on blast.  But never fear, I am determined to make this work.  

So just bear with me all.  It will look cute in the end.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

022311: The simple things....

So I realize that it is only 30 minutes to midnight.  But I haven't fallen off the wagon on day 2.  Now to the nitty gritty....

I am a huge A.I (American Idol) fan.  In fact, every year since season 4 I have played in an A.I. fantasy league game that my sister has made called "Idolatry".  I say this with pride, because its pretty intense for us fanatics.  

The object of the game is to predict the winner (duh), but you have to make your predictions BEFORE the top 16(?) are chosen.  Some guys and gals wait all year for fantasy football, basketball, or baseball to start.  I wait for Idol.

Its kinda of a joke in our household, because Trav is a fantasy footballer.  And we are amazed at how fast the year goes by cause its either football is here or idol has started.  And then we do it all over again.

Ah, the simple things in life.

Anyhoo, I should tell you that Idol and I almost broke up last year.  Last season just was not entertaining.  There was talent, but nothing that wowed me.  Nothing that made me post a comment on my sister's commentary from week to week (She has a weekly update via email to all that play on goodbyes to that week's contestant and who is winning the game.)   But this year is fantastic.  Steven and J-Lo really make things interesting and this new Las Vegas try out is awesome.

So in plans of my blog, I designate Wednesday to be my TV day.  I'll give you my updates about shows that I fancy and shows that may look interesting to watch.  But until next week, I encourage one and all to start watching A.I.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

022211: My Plan...

So I knew this about myself, but never really said it out loud.  Or maybe said it out loud, but then didn't really believe how much I REALLY needed it.  'It' being a plan.  But not just any plan, a plan for my blog.  A plan for my outlet.  So I've concocted a plan and I am going to try my hardest to see it through and invite all of you to see my journey.  And although, the average person my state, "Please, don't judge".  I, not being the average person (or at least I'd like to think that about myself.), want all the judgement.  Bring it!!!!  I want your opinions.  I want your friends' opinions.  I want your families' opinions.  For goodness sakes, I want your mom's opinion.  I want to know what catches your eye and keeps your interest.  (So spread the blog! {wow, that sounds horrible})  I mean spread the word (that sounds better :-) ).

Okay so now to the plan.  I plan on blogging daily for a whole year.  Since I love to sew, craft, be artsy, cook, dance, watch tv, read, and play with the boys: my dogs (of course, all done with my kids in tow.), that is what I will be blogging about.  Along the way I'll have give aways related to my interests.

Now I realize, that my plan, although new for me, is not a new idea or concept. In fact, almost all of the blogs I am addicted to (hi, my name is micaela.  and I'm a blog-aholic.) are set up with my exact plan.  But I figure that's okay.  I don't need to reinvent the wheel.  I just want to add my blinged out rim to the wheel.  Well maybe not blinged out, but my sparkle.

So come one, come all to see the 'rylie ray creations blog' show begin!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sick, sick, sick!!!!

Ugh!!!  I am sooooo O-V-E-R being sick!  Yes, once again my babies are miserable and so am I.  But no more feeling bad for myself.  We are on the mend and will be back in action.

Before the stuffy noses made their second appearances, I was able to finish a few blankets and do a Benefit for Haiti.  (My first faire! Yay!)  Here's the gallery:

So I decided to revise 2 oldies but goodies:
"Tinsley II"

"Rocker Girl II"

with Pink Fluffy Back

"Girlie Safari"

with Pink Fluffy on Back and Edge

Completed looks from previous blog

"Who's Who"
(which I donated to a fundraiser for Surf, a baby suffering from cancer :-( )

with Minky dot back 

"Modern Ladybug" with minky dot 

"Cherry Pop" with white minky dot

My faire table (the tutus were made by my friend Christina)

My friend, Jackie and I (can you believe she is 6 months prego?!?)
 So I realized that I've never showed you the baby bedding I've made.  Here are my kids' sets:

This was Ray's (my first bumper ever)
And here's Ry's
Her bumper is boutique style.  So its way plush.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rylie Rae!!!!!

 So this time last year Trav and I were holding Rylie Rae Lester for the first time.  And today we celebrated our little baby girl's first birthday.  She had a blast.  And so did we.  Here are some of her most recent pics and my newest favorite moments.
Rylie having a tea party with her baby

Rylie sleeping with Papa

Rylie all dolled up with pigtails

In her new outfit

Holding on for dear life in the shopping cart

Thrilled that brother was giving her kisses

The morning of her birthday

Creating havoc in my kitchen

Birthday Cupcake

Getting a little help from the fam

Eating her cake as messy as possible, and yet so delicately

Loving cupcakes and icing