Friday, February 25, 2011

022511: Rain, rain go away...

On the news they have been prepping us for a massive storm to come through.  Apparently it started all the way in Washington or Oregon, and its been heading south.  Now ordinarily I don't completely believe the weatherman/woman.  Its not that they're intentionally lying, but I think that its always a 50/50 chance with what comes out of their mouths.  Okay, more like 60/40.  Anyhoo, this time they are entirely right, with the exception of the snow thing.  (Yes, they said that it might snow, here, in Roseville, CA.)  It is raining Hefelumps and Woozles.  And the kids and I are confined to the house.  But we are managing to have fun.

This morning the kids woke up around 6:45.  They immediately wanted to eat.  So we had breakfast.  Then we played with blocks and dinosaurs.  Ry went down again at 7:30 (like a true princess, she likes her sleep).  So then Ray and I worked on his toy car.  8:30 rolls around and Ry's up again, and they're hungry again.  (I swear, from meal to snacktime, my kids act like I never feed them.  And I feel like we are always eating.  Go figure.)  Anyhow more play is involved, and we'll do it all over again throughout the day.  Its like washing your hair: lather, rinse, repeat.  I guess that makes it sound like I don't enjoy it.  But truthfully, playing with them is a whole lot of fun.  And mostly because I barely say boo to them, and both of them will laugh hysterically as if they are hearing the funniest joke of their little lifetimes.

In the midst of all this rainy day fun, I have managed to finish a few projects.  Allow me to share with you the 'Savanah Smiles' quilt and a 'Bundle for Baby' project.

Let me first give you a little bit of background.  Savanah Rose is my close friend's daughter.  I've known them since Savanah Rose was in 5th grade.  Maybe 6th.  I can't remember specifically, but I've seen Savanah grow up into a lady.  And this young lady turned 17 on Feb. 19th.  So for her birthday, her and her mom, asked if I would make a quilt for her bed.  It was an offer I could not refuse.  But there was a catch, Savanah's bed is a twin size bed.  Now although that does not seem like a daunting size, I had never made this large of a blanket before.  But I excepted the challenge eagerly, learned some new techniques along the way, and Voila!  The 'Savanah's Smile' quilt emerged.

On to 'Bundle for Baby' project.  The same Savanah is in choir at one of the local high schools.  Last weekend they had a huge auction for their choir, and I believe it was also for competing choir classes from other schools.  Anyhow, to raise money they were auctioning off numerous items.  And Savanah and Tas (her mom) asked if I would create a little bundle package.  Of course, I said I'd be happy to.  

So I let Savanah choose from my inventory of quilts, she hearted the 'Pears and Apples' quilt, and I created a matching set.  In the set there was: 1 regular sized baby quilt, 1 swaddler, 1 bib and 2 diaper/burp cloths.  All in all I love how the bundle turned out.

So with all that being said, on to my next rainy day activity.  Since the kiddos are sleeping, I am going create "soft" balls so that we can play baseball inside.  I know, it sounds crazy, but of course I'll show you how its done. 


  1. Savanah adores her new quilt - you really outdid ourself on this one! Thank you Micaela!