Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My projects...

 I know its been forever, again.  But I swear I've been busy sewing, sewing, sewing.  I finally finished Ry's b-day skirt (look for upcoming pics soon.).  And here are some new snugglies:

"Pears & Apples" with super fluffy back and patchwork back

"It's a Jungle Out Here" with super fluffy back

"Ahoy Matey" with minky dot back

Coming Soon......

I'll post more pics soon.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where are they now....

Let me show you the new homes of some of my "snugglies"..............

This is Ray's CARS snugglie.  This snugglie is a double agent: pretend roadmap by day, comforter by night.

This is my friend's son, Kawika.  The snugglie "Kawika" is now his to own.  I gave it to him for his 4th b-day, and apparently he loves it so much he refers to it in the third person.  What's not to love about this!!!

This is Mica's Christmas gift.  He love construction trucks.  So of course its fitting to have him to have a snugglie fashioned after his favs.

Stay tuned for more "Now and Then" pics.  (By the by, I realize you never were really able to see Mica or Ray's "then" pics.  But their "now" pics are still blog worthy.)

First Tutorial....

So alot of the blogs I follow and that catch my in general, are crafting blogs.  And the one thing they all do the same, is have tutorials.  I don't fully know yet if thats what I always want to feature, but before I say 'I won't', I at least wanna give it a shot.  So here we go......

The kids godmom has 3 miniature Italian greyhound dogs .  And these girls are her babies.  Her princesses.  Now I completely get this, cause pre-having kids my boys (dogs) were my children before the children.  Anyhoo, her birthday is 3 days after Christmas and I wanted to give her something that she didn't already have (which is almost impossible).  So I created her a keep sake pillow of her girls (and her "princess" she grew up with BabyGirl).  (Instead of typing out the directions then posting pics, the captions under the pics are the directions.)

1. Buy a pack of sew-on transfer paper. That way you can print your pics from your computer straight on to your fabric.  For best results, follow the directions on the back of package.

2. Choose your pics you want to use and print

3. Measure the size you want to use, and cut with a rotary cutter (they're way easier than scissors and you can get more of a precise cut.)  I wanted more of a 5x7 portrait of Sissi's face, so I cut 5" across and 7" up. 

4. Dog or human, every princess needs a crown.  so I embellished the girls photos with Jolee's crystals (crafting brand) to make crowns on their heads.

5.  I kinda got carried away with my project I forgot to take a pic of the size of the fabric dividers that I used in between the girls' pics.  The measurement is 2.5"x7"

6. So once everything was sewn together, it came to 24.5" across.  so I cut 2 pieces of 25"x3.5".  One for the top of my project and one for the back.  (I also forgot to take a pic of the back.)  For the back I cut a piece of fabric the size of 25" x 14".  That way I had enough depth for my pillow.

7. Then I sewed the top and  bottom to my pictures. Sewed the back of my pillow  (wrongside to wrongside) to my front.  Left oneside open (to stuff with fluff). Sewed the open side.  And voila!!!!  "Something for the Gal who has everything" pillow.

So now in hind site, I think if I do a next tutorial, I'll have to take more pics of the steps I take.  See what had happened, was...... when I start going, I don't really think of the steps involved.  I just do it.  Well, feedback is welcome.  Whether you'd make this or not, what do you think would've made it better or easier?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The gallery

The Road Trip

Christmas Morning (Yes, Ray insisted on opening half of his gifts with his shades on.  And the other with his new beanie on.)

Cheers-ing our Coffee to the best Christmas because we didn't have to do anything.  Ha, What Breezies!

The festivities of Christmas Day

The boys playing construction

Trav, failing miserably at trying to calm down 2 rambunctious 2 year olds


Trying to out giggle each other...

Pausing to catch a breath...

Since he doesn't own his own train, he makes his own with his cars

Sister, proud of her new steps

Completely plumb tuckered out from all the activity of the day

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its been nice, but.....

So my life was completely taken over by holidays, sickness (ugh), and trying not to pull my hair out.  

We survived Christmas.  We actually more than survived it.  We had a wonderful time down in So-Cal.  Although, it literally was a 48 hour trip, everyone did good.  And I didn't kill my significant other.  (I know that sounds dramatic.  But all you moms out there...  Wait, scratch that.  All you WOMEN out there know what that statement means.)  

It was Ry's first road trip, and I am proud to say that baby girl is a phenomenal traveler.  She had only 2 meltdowns and both were just cause she wanted to "nursie" (Yes I'm still breastfeeding her.  I feel like our relationship is established enough to share such an "intimate" detail.)  This was Ray's 3rd roadtrip, and even in the terrible 2s stage, he was great.

We stayed with Trav's cousin, Shell (who I absolutely adore), and her husband, Rock, and little man, Mica.  Mica is 6mths younger than Ray.  So not only did our visit consist of Christmas Morning and Day.  And reconnecting with fam that we haven't seen in over a year and a half. But our 48 hours consisted of cars, trucks, dinosaurs, roaring, growling, chasing/following each other around, giving grandmas a run for their money, and everything else you can think of 2 little boys getting into.  And sister girl, hung right in there.  She watched them for a little while, then started doing her own thing.  At one point I saw her look at both of them with a look of, "You boys are dumb".  If only that look would last forever (sigh).  One night, she surpassed her bedtime and waited for the boys to go down, so that she could have a good ol' time by herself with all the toys.  All I gotta say is, smart girl.

Amongst all the festivities, Ry, with all of her 27 1/2 inches, started walking.  She is so little, but she is getting around with confidence.  She's still doing the frankenstein arms, but even that is starting to subside.

Oh, and by the by, I made all my Christmas sewing deadlines.  This is entry is already long enough, so pics will follow later. 

So now is 2011, and truthfully I'm thrilled.  2010 wasn't bad, but I'm ready for a new year.  I does suck, that I'm kicking it off being sick (I had a relapse of a cold, once we got home.).  But I'm glad its here.  So....

So long 2010.  It was fun while it lasted.  We both knew it couldn't last forever.  Its not you, its me.  I mean you no ill will.  We're both better off.... We just grew apart.  We're headed in different directions.  I've grown, and need more.   We can end this diplomatically.  You just have to go your way and I'm going mine.  It's been nice, but all good things must come to an end.  C'est La Vie!