Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where are they now....

Let me show you the new homes of some of my "snugglies"..............

This is Ray's CARS snugglie.  This snugglie is a double agent: pretend roadmap by day, comforter by night.

This is my friend's son, Kawika.  The snugglie "Kawika" is now his to own.  I gave it to him for his 4th b-day, and apparently he loves it so much he refers to it in the third person.  What's not to love about this!!!

This is Mica's Christmas gift.  He love construction trucks.  So of course its fitting to have him to have a snugglie fashioned after his favs.

Stay tuned for more "Now and Then" pics.  (By the by, I realize you never were really able to see Mica or Ray's "then" pics.  But their "now" pics are still blog worthy.)

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