Thursday, March 31, 2011

033111: I know I'm late, TV Land....

So yes, again I am re-iterating that I am behind schedule.  But who cares.  So on to my update of my TV watching.

  I crack up cause as a pre-tween and tween I hated music that I thought wasn't modern.  So basically if it wasn't RAP or ROCK, I thought it was old people music.  Wow, how I'm glad those days are over. A.I was last night and they did their tribute to Sir Elton.  I hearted it.  I loved singing along.  And loved that the contestants, with the exception of one, did not mess up his songs.  (Looks like years of listening to Mixx96 paid off, mom.)

Top Chef had their season finale.  (Have I mentioned this show before?  Sorry if this is the first time, and yet will be the last until next season.)  It was great.  Trav and I have been following this show since season one.  And this particular season, they did the all-stars (picking "almost winners" from previous shows) to battle it out in the kitchen.  Not only do they cook, but they always have quickfire challenges like "make an amuse bouche (one bite appetizer) out of vending machine food in 20 mins. with only one hand."  Needless to say, its great.  

So in the finale, it was down to 2 guys out of 25.  They both had to create the restaurant of their dreams.  And if theirs is the best they win $200,000 dollars and a whole lot of other stuff.  (I'm sure the other stuff was just as important, but obviously the $200,000 kinda took the thunder.)  Anyhoo, to make my long story short: it was down to the wire, I wanted both guys to win, their families came out, and the guy with the kid on the way won, tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears and champagne.  My play by play doesn't sound too exciting, but it was great.  I was almost in tears.  Well not really but I could of been if I wasn't exhausted.

So this part has nothing to do with TV watching, but I'm late with Pic of the Week.  Here is mine from last week:

From left to right: Ray, Ry, Pa (my dad, Raymond), Rayne,  Gamy (my mom, Janis),  Amaya and Saraya

So last week we went to visit my Lola (grandma) and my mom and my second oldest sister and her daughter, Rayne was there.  And then my youngest sister and her 2 daughters, Saraya and Amaya showed up.  And then my dad stopped by for lunch. We decided to make it a Kodak moment.  As great as this pic is, it is still incomplete.  My oldest sister and her boys were not there.  Here boys are literally the big boy cousins:16 and soon to be 13.

Of course, I wish all the kids were smiling, but it was a feat to get all the kids to sit down.  Oh well, still a great pic.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

032911: My 'Lifetime' Movie opening quote....

"I cannot play it by ear!!!!  We are not on a Hawaiian holiday.  This is my life!"

Dramatic enough for you?  Although the quote usually changes daily,  this one has been the running statement for the last month.  I figured my "Lifetime" or "Hallmark" movie will be for the most part light hearted (basically no battered women).  Lucy Liu will play me (She did a "Lifetime" movie already.  So its not asking too much.).  And my house will, at times, look like the cover of a Pottery Barn magazine.

So as dramatic as I am, "life" is good.  Just hectic.  

'A' started school today (Yay!!!!)  And she absolutely loved it!  She already made a few friends.  And even shared with them her gymnastic moves.

Ray is such a character and is getting super smart.  Which obviously keeps me on my toes.  He recently just discovered Disney Pixar's: The Incredibles (such a B-O-Y movie).

Ry just went through a growth spurt.  She is officially 29" tall.  So she can actually fit into some of her 12 month clothing.  And she's getting sassy.  Which right now, I think is adorable.  But I know I'll regret saying that when she's 12.  Her new thing is saying, in context, 'hi' and 'bye'.

So that's where we are.  Like I said, not on Hawaiian holiday.  But still pretty lovely.

Friday, March 25, 2011

032511: Choosing to blog....

I am one kid less on this wee hour of a morning.  ('A' is visiting with her parents.)  And yes I realize I should be sleeping.  And don't get me wrong, I am exhausted.  But 5 mins. ago I realized that I didn't eat anything for dinner and that my stomach was screaming for food.  So here I am, eating a bowl of cereal and catching up on the blogs I follow. 

I just had an epiphany.  (Well maybe not that dramatic.  But still I just realized something.)  The majority of blogs I read are from moms like me.  Moms who are artsy, stay at home-ers.  Or are working moms (which I use to be), that some how figure out how to do it all.  But I feel like we all have a common thread through our blogs.  What I realized is that it doesn't matter if the content of our blogs our similar, or totally the opposite.  We, as women, are all carving out a small amount of time that is precious to us, that is only ours if we choose to have it.  And that is to blog.  Whether it be about our latest project.  Or our kids latest and greatest performance.  Or something that we saw or heard that struck our fancy.  We decide to share it on our blogs.  It may sound a little like Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman", but in this 1:50 wee hour in the morning, I feel special being apart of this group of women. 

So, next time you can't sleep and decide to blog instead, just know that you're not alone.  Now get to bed :-).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

032211: Hello. Is it me your looking for?

So not only did I fall of the band wagon, but I completely rolled off the trail, stumbled into a bush, started a journal about buffalo, fell asleep and when I woke up, realized that I was taken in by Indians and couldn't speak the language.  All of that I kinda took from the movie 'Dancing With Wolves' (you know you all remember it).  But seriously, I know I've been M.I.A.  But with good reason.  Hear me out......

My house guest has now become temporarily permanent (oxymoron intended).  'A' will be living with us until the end of the school year.  So we've grown from 4 to 5.  And although numerically that does not seem like a huge jump, it feels like it to me.  

'A' is great.  She loves it here.  And the kids love her.  And we adults love her too.  She is 10, so she is pretty self sufficient.  But it is still a transition for me, being 'mommy' of 3.  (I guess one of the plus sides is that I wasn't prego for another year in a row to get the third. Hahaha)  So that's why, I've been "gone". 

Currently our days consist of not only getting to know each other, but also trying to regulate everyone's schedule, temporary homeschooling, making sure that there are fun, safe and age appropriate activities for everyone and oh, yeah, eating.  We've been doing a lot of eating.  All my kids are going through growth spurts. 

So that's that in a nutshell.  I'm hoping to get back to "normal" here and start blogging and crafting again.  But until everything gets there, in the melodious words of good ol' Lionel, "Hello.  Is it me your looking for?"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

031511: Ay-yay-yay!!!!!

For all those that read that and think it phonetically says A-YAY-YAY!!!!.  I say it: EYE-Y-EYE-Y-EYE!!!!  Did you get all that?  Anyhow, I say that cause I realize that I once again I missed a day of blogging, which was yesterday.  I apologize, but quite honestly, yesterday I was in a HUGE funk.  Trust me, you didn't want to read what was on my mind.  It was one of THOSE days.  But after much needed talking with my sisters, I'm better.  

So on to better things.  I finally got a chance to check out some of my fave blogs. One I follow is called iammommahearmeroar .  I heart this one, cause she has 2 sons, so alot of her projects cater to boys.  Which I love cause you all know I have Ray.  (As I say this, don't think I'm leaving out Ry.  It is just so much easier to come up with things for girls.  And to find things for girls.  Lets face it, its suppose to be a man's world.  But it's really only made for girls)  

Anyhoo, she did a superhero room for her oldest son Rex, which is the bomb.  I have decided once Ray is old enough, I'm totally stealing some of her awesome ideas.  When you get a chance, check her out.  You'll completely see why this room would be the coolest thing in my little man's life.  

What did you think?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

031311: Catching up....

Here's to catching up!!!

'A's' sleepover:

Ry's Birthday Pics and Party:

Biggs and Bobo, our dogs (I don't know why this pic is here, but its a good one.):

Pic of the Week:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

031211: Ugh! I fell off.....

I was doing so well, too.  But alas, yesterday was the day I fell of the 'blog everyday for a year' wagon.  I just got too busy.  This was and is because we had our first official slumber party sleep over.  'A' had Mackie over, and it was a crazy 10 year old night of the wii 'Just Dance', gymnastics, making stuffed animals, eating too many sweets, and yes of course, multiple pillow fights.  I am way tired and can barely keep my eyes open.  So tomorrow I will catch everyone up with pics and events.  And also post the 'pic of the week' manana.  So until then, TTFN.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

031011: Show and Tell...

Remember when you were in kindergarten and 'show and tell' would come around?  And remember how excited you would feel?  Well at least I was that kid that would get excited. I just remember having that anticipation of knowing how proud I'd feel after saying what I brought and why I thought it was so cool.  I had that same feeling today.

It all began as I put together one of Ry's bday gifts together (it was a play kitchen).  And as I was reconfiguring how it would look in my living room/playroom aka daycare, I had one of those lingering thoughts of how grown my babies have become and are becoming.  So tonight I actually took the time to look at some of their first photos and compare them to now.  I thought I'd share:

Ray at 8 days old

Ray at 2 years old

Ry at 6 days old

Ry at 1 year old

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

030911: TV land, TV land....

So I again am behind on watching 'Glee', but I know that Gwyneth Paltrow is guest starring.  I don't know, her singing makes me nervous.  Not like 'nails on the chalkboard' nervous.  But really does she need to become a singer/actress?  I know that there are plenty of singers that became actors: Whitney Houston, Kris Kristofferson, Jon BonJovi, etc.  Other than the fact that, I heart Jon, I don't think it really works out.  Maybe Kris.  Anyhoo, not a fan of Gwyn.

Anyhow, A.I's competition has truly begun today.  And I was, and am, so excited.  Part of this excitement is because 'Idolatry' (A.I fantasy league game) began today as well.  And yesterday my sister sent out the email to get it started.  And just as an example of what a dork I am, let me give you a p-BY-p (play by play) of how I opened it.  I see her name on the message, see the subject matter, and instantly become giddy like a child getting a lollipop for the first time.  I was excited like a child who cannot control themselves and begins to wiggle, or dance, or shake, or feels compelled to bite something.  (That last one was totally my little sister as a toddler.  Glad that that behavioral issue is over.)  I was so excited, I almost starting giggling.  Yes, giggling, by myself, laying in bed.  

Anyway, I got my logic list in (who I think America will be voting off consecutively for the next 13 weeks.).  And I got my heart list in (who I would vote off consecutively each week, until my fav wins.)  Ahhhhhh, TV land, TV land where would my Wednesdays be without you?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

030811: Grandma Donna is a Saint....

Omigod!!!!  So let me tell you what I did today (I know this sounds like it is going to be another rendition of my boring routine.  But wait for it....).  I actually had some way over due ME time.  Allow me to elaborate.

One of the kids grandma's has come for a short, but exciting, visit.  Her name is Donna.  Grandma Donna arrived on the train yesterday.  Which was very exciting for Ray, who got to go to the train station for the first time.  Last night the kids had loads of fun playing and opening gifts.

Now to the good stuff..... I got to sleep in until 8:15 this morning!!!!!!  And let me tell you, I was out.  I mean, mouth wide open, snoring, drool coming down the side of my mouth out, because G. Donna had the kids so well behaved and quiet.  And since I didn't hear any crying (my natural alarm), I obviously went into D-E-E-P sleep mode.  It was wonderful.

Then after I had breakfast, and got myself ready, G. Donna so generously offered to watch the kiddos while I had some alone time.  I was so excited I had know idea what to do myself.  So of course, I went to my happy place, JoAnn fabrics.  (I know, it sounds lame.  But seriously, for me its the next best thing  to Starbucks.)  Then I met up with my sister and we had an 'unexpected no kid sister' brunch.  It was, again, wonderful.

When I came home, I got the kids ready, while G. Donna prepared lunch (another great thing), and we all headed to the park for some outdoor fun.  We stayed for a few hours.  Then we went to the library.  Another fun thing for the kiddos.

And then, if her saintness wasn't already saintly, she offered to watch the kids this evening for Trav and I to go on a mini date.  How phenomenal is that?!?!?

Can you see why I am so excited?  I don't think I've had alone time with myself or Trav in months.  I mean, I'm beside myself.  It was the best day ever!!!!!

Needless to say, my kids are pooped.  I'm pooped.  But its a good pooped.  Again, hands down, best day ever.

Monday, March 7, 2011

030711: Preview....

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I made Ry's "Dorothy" skirt for her bday.  Here is a preview of the gallery to come:

Lovin' the determination 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

030611: Ry's Birthday Party....

Yay!!!! Ry's "actual" birthday party was today, and it was wonderful and exhausting.  She had a great time.  And once Trav and I were done running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we had a great time too.  And Ray and 'A', too.

The pic gallery will be following soon  To all who made her birthday happen, we'd like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

I hope your week end was as fabulous and memorable as mine!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

030511: Omigoodness....

I cannot believe that after bragging about not missing a day, I almost missed a day.  So since I have 6 mins. left until it is officially the 6th, and I have a gimpy finger...... here is my pic of the day:

Here is how I found the bread that Ray decided he was done with.  Errrr!  Well I guess not 'err' completely.  I mean, he didn't leave it on the ground.

Friday, March 4, 2011

030411: Wow. I can't believe...

Wow, I can't believe I have been able to maintain my blog everyday since I set my plan in motion.  I know it hasn't been that long, but I'm a little proud of myself.  Because let me tell you, I've had my moments of racking my brain as towards what to type about.  But all in all, I must say its worked out.  

So now, that I've "blinged" out my page and have kind of set the pace, my next mission is to showcase some more projects and a give away.  That's right, I said a give a way.  I still don't know what to gift you, but it'll be good.  Any ideas?  Please share.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

030311: I'm way lame...

So last night I was prepping meat for Ry's party, and totally almost cut off my finger.  And I'm not being dramatic when I say that.  It was one of those moments where I had to concentrate on the pain to not freak out.  Luckily, I still have my finger and nothing was on the prep.

Since I am lame, and it has taken me forever to type this little bit, I will share a pic of the kids with our friends' kids: 

(Ray, obviously was moving)
From left to right: Mackie, Brooklyn, 'A', Ry and Ray

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

030211: Common 'TV' Land....

Since today is TV day, I totally had plans of talking about the Oscars.  All the way from Red Carpet to Oprah's after party in the Kodak theatre.  But my DVR did not record the Oscars.  And I did not realize this until yesterday morning.  UGH!!!!  I literally almost had a kanipshin fit.  I mean since I wasn't able to watch them 'Live', I was literally acting like Jimmy Fallon in 'Fever Pitch' when he didn't want to know the score of the game cause he couldn't be there and was trying to save the moment.  

So what does a girl like me do? I immediately call my sister to make sure she has it recorded and one of her teenage sons has not deleted it.  Phew!  She has it!  Problem solved.  Except for I still haven't had a chance to watch it.  Oh well, I guess no review of the Oscars.

But how 'bout A.I?  The boys sang last night.  And for the most part they all sounded good.  I say that, as if I sing.  (I cannot sing.)  But I go for entertainment and what song performances are memorable.  I can remember 5 off the top of my head that stood out.  The kid that looks like Seth Rogen, the guy who sings awesome and soft and reminds me of 'Spike' from the movie 'Notting Hill', the kid who did not do a good Usher perfomance, the guy who sounded good singing one of the late, great Luther Vandross' songs, and the Redheaded kid who made me wish I had that much body in my hair.  Now don't think that I'm not fully invested, even though I don't really know any of these contestants' names.  This happens to be the "beginning" fun.  Giving everyone nicknames and then if they stick around knowing their first and last name.

Anyhow, I told you that I'd show you my new project.  And yes it is a quilt.  But it is beautiful.  The very nice lady that I'm making it for is prego with her first baby.  And on a trip to India, she bought and brought home gorgeous sari material.  Here's a quick sample:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

030111: I heart starbucks!!!

Have I expressed my head over heals love, swept off my feet, fly me to the moon LOVE that I have for Starbucks?  If I have, I'm sorry to repeat myself.  And if I haven't,  I LOOOOOVVVE STARBUCKS!!!!!  Now you might be saying, you can get coffee anywhere.  This I know, but.....its not the same.  Seriously, if I've said it once I will say it a million times: there is nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when the barista mispells your name on your cup and hands you your drink of choice! Mine being an iced venti light iced chai.

(When I originally started blogging, I swore that I would never become one of those people who blog about stupid things.  And yet here we are, and I can't get Starbucks off my mind.  So sorry, all.  My brain feels tired.)  

Tomorrow is 'TV' day, but I'm gonna sneak in some projects for you.  So don't go away.  It will get better.  But for now, I'm trying to concoct a plan to go get a Starbucks @ 10:10pm.  I tell you....hopeless!