Thursday, March 31, 2011

033111: I know I'm late, TV Land....

So yes, again I am re-iterating that I am behind schedule.  But who cares.  So on to my update of my TV watching.

  I crack up cause as a pre-tween and tween I hated music that I thought wasn't modern.  So basically if it wasn't RAP or ROCK, I thought it was old people music.  Wow, how I'm glad those days are over. A.I was last night and they did their tribute to Sir Elton.  I hearted it.  I loved singing along.  And loved that the contestants, with the exception of one, did not mess up his songs.  (Looks like years of listening to Mixx96 paid off, mom.)

Top Chef had their season finale.  (Have I mentioned this show before?  Sorry if this is the first time, and yet will be the last until next season.)  It was great.  Trav and I have been following this show since season one.  And this particular season, they did the all-stars (picking "almost winners" from previous shows) to battle it out in the kitchen.  Not only do they cook, but they always have quickfire challenges like "make an amuse bouche (one bite appetizer) out of vending machine food in 20 mins. with only one hand."  Needless to say, its great.  

So in the finale, it was down to 2 guys out of 25.  They both had to create the restaurant of their dreams.  And if theirs is the best they win $200,000 dollars and a whole lot of other stuff.  (I'm sure the other stuff was just as important, but obviously the $200,000 kinda took the thunder.)  Anyhoo, to make my long story short: it was down to the wire, I wanted both guys to win, their families came out, and the guy with the kid on the way won, tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears and champagne.  My play by play doesn't sound too exciting, but it was great.  I was almost in tears.  Well not really but I could of been if I wasn't exhausted.

So this part has nothing to do with TV watching, but I'm late with Pic of the Week.  Here is mine from last week:

From left to right: Ray, Ry, Pa (my dad, Raymond), Rayne,  Gamy (my mom, Janis),  Amaya and Saraya

So last week we went to visit my Lola (grandma) and my mom and my second oldest sister and her daughter, Rayne was there.  And then my youngest sister and her 2 daughters, Saraya and Amaya showed up.  And then my dad stopped by for lunch. We decided to make it a Kodak moment.  As great as this pic is, it is still incomplete.  My oldest sister and her boys were not there.  Here boys are literally the big boy cousins:16 and soon to be 13.

Of course, I wish all the kids were smiling, but it was a feat to get all the kids to sit down.  Oh well, still a great pic.

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