Tuesday, March 8, 2011

030811: Grandma Donna is a Saint....

Omigod!!!!  So let me tell you what I did today (I know this sounds like it is going to be another rendition of my boring routine.  But wait for it....).  I actually had some way over due ME time.  Allow me to elaborate.

One of the kids grandma's has come for a short, but exciting, visit.  Her name is Donna.  Grandma Donna arrived on the train yesterday.  Which was very exciting for Ray, who got to go to the train station for the first time.  Last night the kids had loads of fun playing and opening gifts.

Now to the good stuff..... I got to sleep in until 8:15 this morning!!!!!!  And let me tell you, I was out.  I mean, mouth wide open, snoring, drool coming down the side of my mouth out, because G. Donna had the kids so well behaved and quiet.  And since I didn't hear any crying (my natural alarm), I obviously went into D-E-E-P sleep mode.  It was wonderful.

Then after I had breakfast, and got myself ready, G. Donna so generously offered to watch the kiddos while I had some alone time.  I was so excited I had know idea what to do myself.  So of course, I went to my happy place, JoAnn fabrics.  (I know, it sounds lame.  But seriously, for me its the next best thing  to Starbucks.)  Then I met up with my sister and we had an 'unexpected no kid sister' brunch.  It was, again, wonderful.

When I came home, I got the kids ready, while G. Donna prepared lunch (another great thing), and we all headed to the park for some outdoor fun.  We stayed for a few hours.  Then we went to the library.  Another fun thing for the kiddos.

And then, if her saintness wasn't already saintly, she offered to watch the kids this evening for Trav and I to go on a mini date.  How phenomenal is that?!?!?

Can you see why I am so excited?  I don't think I've had alone time with myself or Trav in months.  I mean, I'm beside myself.  It was the best day ever!!!!!

Needless to say, my kids are pooped.  I'm pooped.  But its a good pooped.  Again, hands down, best day ever.

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