Thursday, March 10, 2011

031011: Show and Tell...

Remember when you were in kindergarten and 'show and tell' would come around?  And remember how excited you would feel?  Well at least I was that kid that would get excited. I just remember having that anticipation of knowing how proud I'd feel after saying what I brought and why I thought it was so cool.  I had that same feeling today.

It all began as I put together one of Ry's bday gifts together (it was a play kitchen).  And as I was reconfiguring how it would look in my living room/playroom aka daycare, I had one of those lingering thoughts of how grown my babies have become and are becoming.  So tonight I actually took the time to look at some of their first photos and compare them to now.  I thought I'd share:

Ray at 8 days old

Ray at 2 years old

Ry at 6 days old

Ry at 1 year old

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