Friday, March 25, 2011

032511: Choosing to blog....

I am one kid less on this wee hour of a morning.  ('A' is visiting with her parents.)  And yes I realize I should be sleeping.  And don't get me wrong, I am exhausted.  But 5 mins. ago I realized that I didn't eat anything for dinner and that my stomach was screaming for food.  So here I am, eating a bowl of cereal and catching up on the blogs I follow. 

I just had an epiphany.  (Well maybe not that dramatic.  But still I just realized something.)  The majority of blogs I read are from moms like me.  Moms who are artsy, stay at home-ers.  Or are working moms (which I use to be), that some how figure out how to do it all.  But I feel like we all have a common thread through our blogs.  What I realized is that it doesn't matter if the content of our blogs our similar, or totally the opposite.  We, as women, are all carving out a small amount of time that is precious to us, that is only ours if we choose to have it.  And that is to blog.  Whether it be about our latest project.  Or our kids latest and greatest performance.  Or something that we saw or heard that struck our fancy.  We decide to share it on our blogs.  It may sound a little like Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman", but in this 1:50 wee hour in the morning, I feel special being apart of this group of women. 

So, next time you can't sleep and decide to blog instead, just know that you're not alone.  Now get to bed :-).

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