Saturday, February 26, 2011

022611: You know you are a blog-aholic when....

K, so you know you are a blog-aholic when.... you find a new blog or site and instantaneously cannot click on the follow button fast enough.  Yes, people... once again I find myself in this category.

So I found 2 new blogs.  The first is and the second is  

Xoelle, I love because she gives a little guide as towards how to dress your little man with pizazz.  And lets face it, boys always have the same clothes.  Which isn't entirely a bad thing.  But I feel guilty, cause when I'm thinking of super cute and darling things to put Ry in, Ray gets jeans and a t-shirt.  And although I believe the true definition of a boy is a noise with dirt on it (j/k, kinda), I want to be able to dress him creatively without him saving that memory to one day tell his therapist.

And IKEAhackers...... I mean, common.  It had me at IKEA.  This site is awesome!!!!  And all of you should become fans.  It is a site that posts peoples pics of how they have flipped their IKEA furniture to make it look one of a kind, in a good way.  Its like 'Pimp My Ride' for furniture.

Anyhow, once again proving that the blog-aholism has taken over.

But moving on, today was the kiddos' cousin, Malina's, 5th bday.  It was held at one of those bouncehouse warehouses.  So of course, my camera went in tow and here are my pics of the day:

So as my "plan" for my blog evolves, I think I'm going to make Saturdays my "Pic of the Day" day.  Just to recap: I have 2 days with plans.  Wednesday: TV day and Saturday: Pic of the Day.  (planned events subject to change, maybe)

Hope everyones weekend is off to a great start!  

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