Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rylie Rae!!!!!

 So this time last year Trav and I were holding Rylie Rae Lester for the first time.  And today we celebrated our little baby girl's first birthday.  She had a blast.  And so did we.  Here are some of her most recent pics and my newest favorite moments.
Rylie having a tea party with her baby

Rylie sleeping with Papa

Rylie all dolled up with pigtails

In her new outfit

Holding on for dear life in the shopping cart

Thrilled that brother was giving her kisses

The morning of her birthday

Creating havoc in my kitchen

Birthday Cupcake

Getting a little help from the fam

Eating her cake as messy as possible, and yet so delicately

Loving cupcakes and icing

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