Sunday, February 27, 2011

022711: 'F' words

I'm quite excited, because this week we have a special guest in our home.  Her name is Anabelle!.  She is 10 years old and is a really cool girl.  She really likes Ray & Ry, and they love her.

So although I'm always around my kids and, technically, have always been around kids cause of little cousins, nieces and nephews, and the kids my family use to babysit.  I guess I'm a little bit rusty.  Allow me to elaborate....

Once 'A' got here, we decided to take the whole fam to the grocery store.  'A' and I were walking down an aisle and I saw pita chips and said to 'A', "Have you ever had these?  They are fantastic!  Absolutely phenomenal."  Which her reply to me was, "No I haven't.  You really like 'F' words, huh?"  It threw me off, cause I immediately began to think, 'Gee, did one slip?   I could've swore my language was way PG.'  Then she said, "Like 'fantastic', 'fabulous', 'phenomenal (it makes the 'f' sound)'."  I literally laughed out loud.  And am still laughing out loud.  Well at least smiling really big. 

Honestly, I really never took notice.  I mean I do have a fondness (another 'F' word) for fancy words.  But I was never called out on it.  Especially by a 10 year old!!!!

Before I started blogging I explained to 'A' how that moment put a huge smile on my face and made my day.  She looked at me with a polite smile because she didn't find the humor in it.  So I explained to her that adults just talk and sometimes people may call you out on your favorite phrases or words.  But it is very, very rare.  And if they do, its cause they are sick of hearing it.  But kids are still brutally (in a good way) honest, and usually what comes to their mind they say right then and there. 

Like I said, it totally made my day.  We have fun plans for this week.  Including planning a birthday party for Ry now that we're all well.  I hope all of your weekends have been as Fantastically Fabulous and Phenomenal as mine has been :-p

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