Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Proof in the pudding...

So I realized after explaining why this is my creative journal, I didn't show you any proof.  I guess I should explain something first.  I heart arts and crafts.  I mean, I heart it soooo much its kinda sick.  And I've always loved arts and crafts.   I was that kid that when we went to the toy store, I would stand in the "creativity" aisle and be completely overwhelmed with excitement.  I, mean, even now I go into JoAnn's fabrics and crafts and literally feel like the mothership is calling me home.  Anyway, my latest obsession is quilts.
And not your grandma's quilt (sorry grandmas of the world).  But brighter, more unique, hip, statement pieces for the not so traditional person who would need a baby blanket.  Here's some of my latest projects:
Fruit Punch

Rocker Girl
So as you can see.  They're really vibrant and at the same time have a simplicity about them.  And the some of my favorite parts of them are the edges and backs.  They are soooooo soft and cozy.  See what I mean:

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