Saturday, September 11, 2010

The second reason...

So I really only gave you guys one reason for me starting to blog.  There are 2.  The second requires a little bit of background.

So about 3 years ago, on my christmas list I asked for a sewing machine from my boyfriend/father of my children.  At this point he thinks this request is crazy, because he had know idea how crafty I was.  And lets on like this is not the gift I'm going to get.  But unbeknowst to me, he calls my sister for moral support while he is shopping for my sewing machine, and gets me the top of the line machine.  So christmas rolls around, he acts like "Santa" knocked on our, then, apartment door, and left me a large box.  I open it, and voila, my lovely sewing machine.  A whole year comes and goes and I ended up only using it once.

Then I find out I'm prego with my oldest, and in true nesting form, I sew everything.  The  custom bedset, curtains, pillows, hats, and the list goes on.  Well not even a year later, I find out I'm prego with the second.  And I just had to sew everything all over again.  But this time I make a custom quilt.  My friend who was prego at the same time, just loves my daughter's quilt, so I make her daughter one.  And then another friend sees my quilts and just falls in love them.  So now I'm just sewing quilts.  Well not just quilts.  Custom Baby Bedsets and carseat covers too.  But you get the idea.

So long story short, I want to use this blog as kind of my creative journal for my projects.  (Okay, so as I just typed the last sentence, I realized...... Maybe all the dramatics of my second reason needing a backup story, was not so needed.  Oh well.)

So second reason is dedicated to Travis.  Awwww........

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