Friday, November 5, 2010

She's here!!!!!

So on November 3, 2010, my second oldest sister had her first baby!  Welcoming Rayne Tomia Evans..... Ta Da!

7lbs.6oz. 19in.

Isn't she adorable?  I need to some how get a pic of my sister when she was born, cause she looks just like her.  And we are completely happy that the baby is doing well and mama is fine too.  I act like this child is mine, but I just can't wait to show off her pics.  (And yes, in true filipino fashion, my oldest sister and I were pa-pa-paparazzi)

My bro in law, Mike aka Proud Papa and Rayne

Mia, Rayne and Me

The Brand New Fam

My new neice and I

Rayne Tomia Evans

Gamma (my mama), Rylie (New Big Girl Cousin), and Rayne (the littlest member of the fam)

Gamma with 4 out of 6, soon to be 7, grandkids

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