Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We made it!!!!

Yaaaaaaayyyy we made it through Halloween!  I <3 Halloween.  I decided this long ago when halloween meant that I could get away with clubbing all weekend in practically my underwear (sadly I wish I was joking when I say this, but its true.). But now 2 kids in, halloween is definitely different and all the more my fave.  

So although Trav and I didn't dress up, R&R were adorable.  R#1 was a circus master and R#2 was a lion.  Although Raymond didn't want to wear his top hat, the costume turned out pretty good.  And Rylie got to wear make up for the first time....ooooooooooooo. 

They had soooo much fun!  As you can see we let Raymond walk, like a big boy and Rylie was carried in the bjorn.  But she got a kick out of all the kids, even laughing at the skeleton decorations.  

This week we also went to the pumpkin patch.  

This week was soooo festive.  I'm actually a little tired and the holiday season has just begun. (Sigh) 

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