Monday, October 10, 2016

A letter to my daughters:

You two are the best duo ever!!  Today we got to have a little momma and daughters afternoon date.  We went exploring in downtown Auburn.  Now Auburn is a small little town.  There were two streets we walked up and down and window shopped and looked at art.  I love how curious the both of you are.  Zara you were so feisty, but you also loved laughing and playing with your sister.  And Rylie girl you are so helpful and caring.  I love how when we go through little towns, you like looking at all the "dollhouses" and picking out your favorite one.  Rylie you were so cute when you got to have frozen yogurt and said, "This is a little sweet treat the boys (your brother and papa bear) are going to be jealous about."  And Zara you were so happy being able to have pumpkin yogurt for the first time.  As I drove down the hill, lipsyncing to the radio, I felt extremely proud to be you girls' momma.

I will always sniff your ears,


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