Friday, September 23, 2016

It's been a long time....

Years have passed, but I'm still around.  The scenery has changed drastically and looks better than ever.  Ray & Ry are in school.  I have had another baby, and  Princess Z is almost 14 months old.  My hubby (lets just call him ' Captain America', 'Cap' for short) put a ring on it and I've now been happily married for 2 years, 1 month and 12 days.

Originally when I started this blog, I'll admit I started it to hopefully be like many crafting/sewing blogs:  something to share, but eventually something to generate income.  But now I don't have any type of monetary goal or agenda. But I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, or always, about my kids and their relationship with me.  As well as my relationship with my mother and father.  And I would like to dedicate this blog to them.  And create a some sort of written page for my kids.

I read a meme on facebook (and I forgot to copy and paste) that more of less said this (or this is what I took from it)......'It doesn't matter if your hair is perfect.  Your make up is done.  Or your clothes are perfect.  Just be in the picture with your kids.  Because one day they're gonna want to see you.'  I am a picture fanatic.  And now with social media, I can't stop taking/recording and posting.  And I love, love, love, love taking pics of Cap with the kiddos.  But if and when that day comes when my kids 'want to see' me, or 'read' me, I want this blog to be that.

That makes me think of my mom.  I was a baby, and a kid, and a teen before there were even cell phones, let alone social media.  I actually proudly say I'm one of the lucky ones lol.  With that being said, I embrace that technology is very present in everything we do.  Ok so back to my momma.  Growing up my mom had a whole photo album dedicated to each one of us girls (I have 4 sisters).  And it wasn't just an album with pics placed in them, my mom cut out magazine clippings and newspaper headlines and situated them as captions where it appropriately fit the pic.  (Oh yeah, I also grew up where there were not pre-made scrapbooking packages.)  She put her time, thought and really her heart into every page.  When I think about my album, and I can still see a the first page.  On that page there is a pic of my mom holding me and I was probably the same age as Princess Z.  The pic was a close up and I was wearing a crocheted poncho (probably something my mom made).  The next pic was the whole family at the time (minus my youngest sister) standing in front of the happiest place on earth.  In the pages that follow, there's pics of me at every milestone, pics with my older sisters, my baby shower, pics with my papa, and the list goes on.  It has been a long time since I have looked at that album, and I'm sure there are pics sprinkled throughout of her and I.  But other than the first pic, I can't remember any of the others.

  (Anyhow, before y'all think my mom has passed on, she hasn't.  Both of my parents are very much alive and kickin' it.  But I figured I don't have to wait to say that I think of them or memories of them.)

So by the time Ray and Ry and Princess Z, this blog (hope they'll still be able to locate it.  I'll have to learn how to archive it.) will be like the vintage albums my mom made for us.  Even if I'm not in the majority of the pics.  I want to give them something tangible that helps them remember their memories of their mom behind the camera.

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