Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dearest Rylie Girl,

You are the sweetest and spiciest little girl I know.  While going through your schoolwork I found the sweetest piece of writing you have done:

Now you weren't in the delivery room with me when your little sissy came out.  So I'm assuming that you meant once you saw her.  But that is a very sweet memory for you and I feel so proud and priviledged that you shared it.  Mommy has 3 sisters (4 including your Auntie Rayna).  I have been close to all of them at one point in my life and all for different reasons.  However, now as I'm older I am closest to your Auntie Leasha.  She has been there for me through everything.  She has shared in every important aspect in my life.  Including when you, your sister and even your brother were born.

 I can tell you that having a relationship with your sister will be one of the best relationships you will ever have in your life.  You girls will be the best of friends, even if you don't hang out all the time and even if you aren't close in age.  There will be things that only you two will understand.  You will be able to have conversations without even talking.  Now don't get me wrong..... you will fight and argue.  And at certain points, you may think you aren't close at all.  But you will always go back to each other.  And when you do it will be as if no time has passed.  Because after all, you're sisters <3

I love you to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond,


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