Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ray and Ry

My dearest Big Boy and Rylie Girl,

I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you right now.  And how excited I am to have you guys back home tomorrow.  A lot has changed since I originally started this blog.  But what hasn't changed is my devotion to the both of you.  I know that one day you will have many questions as towards why you guys have 2 houses.  And I hope when the day comes, where you ask those many questions, I am able to answer them without creating more confusion.  I hope that I do not let you down in how I answer, because I want to be honest but I do not want to rob you of your innocence.  There have been many times while being your mother I have asked myself if I'm doing everything correct for the both of you.  And all I can say is, I hope that you understand that I do everything for you kiddos and your sister and your Yaba.  So with that being said..... I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow and can't wait to see how your weekend has gone.  I'm sure you have been having a blast with your dad.  

I love you with all of my heart,



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