Monday, April 11, 2011

041111: Let's not judge.....

I realize that I have not been completely true to my goal of blogging everyday for a year.  But I haven't completely thrown it out of the window.  And on top of trying to get back into the groove with my original goal, I'm adding a new one.  Wait for it......

I am going to put myself on a workout regiment.  Pause to hold on to your judgements.  (Maybe judgement is too intense of a word.  But I think you know what I mean.)  After being preggy for 2 years straight and only knowing my body either really skinny or pregnant or "just had a baby" fat, I realized I don't know what my body shape should really be.  And lets face it, although I will never be pre-baby body, I do want to be confident in a bathing suit this summer.  I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.  So enough said, I am starting to workout and all of you will be going on this journey with me.  I'll post before pics tomorrow (Yikes!).  And will post pics of the process and results.

Okay, so in other news.... here is what is to come this week.  A new video of "Operation Pandas" formerly known as "Smexy/ Smexy Walrus".  Yes, my O.B.s (original boys: Colt and Ama) had another great performance.  Some TV talk.  And some fun activities that we will be doing cause 'A' is on spring break.

I know its not 'jumping out of your chair' exciting, but hey this is my fun life.  And TLC hasn't decided to give me my own show, yet.  So you know, whats a girl to do?

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