Tuesday, April 19, 2011

041911: Steak soup....

I'm not a gourmet chef or food critic.  However, as expressed in previous entries, I heart food!  I actually enjoy the act of eating.  I realize this might sound weird.  But seriously the thought of eating a meal puts a smile on my face.  And I'm not one who only likes fancy-shmancy meals, or only craves fast food.  Nope, I heart it all.  Including leftovers.  Which leads me today's entry.

I grew up on LOs (leftovers).  So this is nothing new.  But now having 3 kiddos that eat as if I never feed them (although they eat all the time).  I am quickly learning how to get more bang for the buck and how to stretch a meal.  So we do not throw out leftovers.  But lets face it, they're not always exciting to eat.  So I have been trying to come up with "new" meals, but using the LOs.  
The meal that we had originally was BBQ'd steak and roasted veggies (squash and potatoes, to be exact).  We ate this on Saturday night.  Sunday we had the LOs in regular format, but still had some.  So yesterday, instead of throwing them out, I decided to give it a spin.  So was created steak soup.  Mmmmmmm.......yum!

Ingredients: one box of chicken broth, 1/2 chopped onion, 4 cloves smashed garlic, cooked cut up steak, roasted squash and potatoes, and cilantro for garnish.  Accompanied with a biscuit.

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