Tuesday, April 12, 2011

041211: Operation Pandas...

Colton and Adam (Colt and Ama) were "my" boys when I was growing up.  Colt and I are only 13 years apart.  And to most this may seem like a huge age difference.  But in my family, this is nothing.  And Ama and I are only 16 years apart.   When I was a teenager we (my family and I) watched the boys while my sister was at work.  Whats funny is that Ray is very much like Colt when Colt was his age.  And ironically enough, they also are only 13 years apart.  

Anyhow, they're in a band (all news that is not new to you).  But I'm very proud of them.  A little background on their band and band name.  Mady (a stepsister) is the singer, Cece (another stepsister) is on guitar, Alex is on keyboard, Colt is on bass and Ama is the drummer.  All the kids are half white and half asian.  Hence the name...... Operation Pandas.  Here's their latest set (p.s. my camera started acting up on the last song :-( ):

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