Monday, April 25, 2011

042511: Getting in the groove of things....

So spring break is officially over.  Happy belated Easter!  'A' is back from visiting her family in Santa Rosa.  I am trying to teach Ray and Ry how to go pee in the big kid toilet.  And I have sweets coming out of my ears.

A couple things, though, I'd like to get off of my chest.  First, I realize that I said that I would be posting 'before' pics of my body since I'm on my workout mission.  And although I consider you all friends, lets be real.  No one should have to see the 'pre' pics.  I mean, its not like I'm going to be a contestant on the 'Biggest Loser'. (Not saying anything rude about those folks.)  I'm just saying, that although I want you to know my mission, I'm just not that confident to show you the 'before' pic.  Now 'after' may be a different story.  J/K  But you will be pleased to know that I've been true to my word about working out.  I've worked out every day, except yesterday.  And that was only cause it was the holiday.

Secondly,  I also realize that the blog lately has been waaaaaaaaaay boring and almost non-existent.  But I have reason for that.  Reason 1:  I have been lagging about uploading all my new pics.  (And yay for me I found the other camera.)  Reason 2:  I kinda lost my way from when my original plan went into attack.  I mean, I all of a sudden had this moment of, "What is this blog all about?  Except of course my glorified shared diary."  Now I wish in all my break taking I was able to answer the question in reason 2.  But alas, I'm still kinda lost.  But I figured, why stop just cause I'm again in a rut.  I'm just gonna keep on blogging 'til I figure it out.  Just got get in a groove.  So I will.  Stay posted, wink, wink.......

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