Thursday, April 14, 2011

041411: Darn it! Darn it!

I heart TV.  This is no secret.  And I know that Wednesday is suppose to be TV land.  But by the time I'm done watching my shows, I am exhausted and forget to blog.  But never fear,  I am finally here.

A.I. is great.  And yet, I feel like everyone is "so great" that the drama is gone.  Our relationship is stronger than ever (A.I and I), but I am now looking forward to  "The Voice" to start.

Top Chef Masters has begun.  This is a spin off of Top Chef, but is only in its 2nd season.  With host, the beautiful Aussie, Curtis Stone.  (Way better than last years host, something with a 'K'.)  The best part of this show is these are not amateurs competing.  No, no, no, no.  These are world renowned chefs who have to go head to head against each other in crazy quick fire challenges and elimination battles.  It is fantastic.  And now my wish list of restaurants I would love to eat at has grown.

DWTS (yes I occasionally watch this show) is interesting.  Gotta love Kristie Alley with her plump self do the damn thing.  And Daniel-san (Ralph Macchio) is very good.

But the new show that I like is 'Pregnant in Heels'.  It's on Bravo and its another one of those reality tv shows showcasing rich women spending their money frivolously.  These women are (shocking) pregnant and they hire this gal to make their experience one of a kind.  (Like having a baby doesn't already do this?)

So thats that for our TV stop, until next time...... Watch the tube!

P.S. Sorry the feed of "Operation Pandas" is blurry.  I'm gonna try to upload it to YouTube for a clearer show.

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